New rule for me – NO GETTING SICK. It’s not worth it.

Came down with a bronchial thing last week – wasn’t bronchitis, really, so no drugs, but it was enough to have me hacking up furballs for days on end.

Then Wednesday rolled around… and I couldn’t get out of bed. The leg spasms I usually experience went from annoying to uncontrollable. THIS was not a good day.

Come to find out that viral infections of any kind can really amplify my MS symptoms. NOW they tell me.

I thought I was having a bad flareup – I guess I don’t know how to recognize them when they show themselves. And MS is such a mixed bag anyway that nobody has the same experience with it, so it wasn’t as if I could go and find a checklist like you can for a heart attack.

Got my GF to drive me to gigs and the neuro (actually, she insisted – showed up on my doorstep that night! ) and basically rested my legs for 5 days. Back to driving again, but don’t really care for it – nothing like having to pick up your foot and place it on each pedal as you need it. Might as well be driving a standard transmission!

Anyway, pretty much back to normal now. Had a nice V-day meal with GF, listening to scratch tracks of tunes for a project I’m producing this spring, and getting ready for my gig tonight. Fun stuff. Taking it easy today – no need to stress myself out. Gonna be a good weekend so long as I GO SLOW….

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