“I’ve been taking bass lessons with Michael Olson since 2004 and he is great. He’ll push you as hard as you want to be pushed, and when you hear him play, or you hear any of his former students who are currently playing bass in and around Ft Collins, you realize that the sky is the limit. He is a fantastic bass player, as good as anyone you will hear anywhere, anytime. But he really excels as a teacher. He has a great ability to identify problems and create drills to solve them. He could easily fill two books worth of bass instruction just with the exercises he has shared with me alone. Despite that, he is relaxed, easy going and he so obviously loves playing and teaching bass that it is worth going to lessons just for the mood lift. If you’re like me with an interest in bass but limited time, he will help you be as good as you can be, having lots of fun in the process; if you are motivated to carry things to a higher level and are determined and disciplined Michael will help you become a master.” — Eric S., Fort Collins


“I am 37 years old, been teaching music for over 10 years, been playing for 23 years, professionally for 12. You can never be good enough. And with that belief I constantly take lessons myself. I have taken them from EVERYONE on the front range and I mean EVERY ONE. Michael Olson is simply the best hands down. And he doesn’t specialize in my instrument – guitar – but that is the beauty. He teaches music as a language, not an instrument. He speaks it as clearly as you or I speak english (and in my case, BETTER than I speak english LOL). He is wonderful at not making you feel like you are wasting his time. You see, being who I am and what I can already do with my instrument, I was left feeling just that way from all my peers that I took lessons from. Olson took me right in and is the teacher that I and everyone else needs. He is a gift of a human being, and you have no idea how lucky we are to have someone of his caliber in our community. Please take advantage of that fact; we do not want this guy moving out on us.”

Harley Osterlund 970 412 0407 www.harleyshouseofsound.com


“My name is David B., I am 22 and have been taking bass lessons with Michael Olson for 5 years. When I met Michael I was a Junior in high school; now I have been playing professionally for two years, and I have Michael largely to thank. I would recommend bass lessons from Michael because of his individual lesson plans: There is no required book (save for a notebook), so every lesson fits the student’s ability and desire.

Now more than ever do I feel like I have a lifetime of study ahead of me. I have been on a wonderful journey and I don’t believe I would be where I am without my mentor, and close friend, Michael Olson.”


“Michael Olson is a gifted teacher who shares his enthusiasm for playing music and understands what makes his students better at their craft. He is able to convey theory as well as practical application of skills and combines these sometimes disparate aspects in an approach to teaching that really engages students at all levels. My daughter has taken lesson from Michael for several years, and she continues to build and learn something new with each visit. Michael challenges her to reach beyond her comfort zone and to invest in skills that make her a better overall musician. And besides all that, Michael is just really nice and cares enough about his students that he was willing to personally check out an amp we were looking at for our daughter. We couldn’t ask for more.”