…well, that’s not entirely true – just not much new to report. Still walking with the cane, still getting around, still no huge change in symptoms… just plugging along.

Currently looking at getting a condo instead of an apartment. I have a doctor’s note that says that I shouldn’t be in a domicile that requires that I climb stairs to access it, and if my apartment complex can’t provide one, they may let me out of my lease. Gonna have to call them about this today and see what they say.

I really hate this part of life. All the legal mumbo jumbo. Usually I can just handle stuff like this, but these days my eyes just glaze over and my brain shuts off. Can’t seem to get past that. Oh well. Thankfully my mom has bought and sold many a house in her day, and can walk me through the process.

Still waiting for next Thursday when they poke and prod me to see if I qualify for this study. Would be pretty cool, although the idea of having some side effects worries me a little bit – the SoluMedrol kicked my butt so hard that I’m really not interested in dealing with that kind of an experience again. We’ll see what happens, though – if I qualify, it’s certainly worth a shot.

Anyway, that’s all for now – I’ll try to be more regular! (So to speak… :D )

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