This’ll be short – but I had to mention that my right leg started doing what it’s supposed to do for the first time in a while last night!

Went to the store late, on the way home from rehearsal. My usual MO is to find a nearby shopping cart and push it into the store, where I can find a motorized cart. Well, the closest one was a good 15 feet from the car, and no real way to park so it was closer.

So I went ahead and “toughed it out,” and carefully inched my way to the cart without any sort of assistance device.

And my right knee bent like normal!

I was amazed – I don’t know what I did right during the day, but it was working pretty well. I didn’t drift to starboard like usual or anything! I made it to the cart, pushed it inside, looked at the motorized carts and said, “Hey, if it’s working this much, let’s give it a workout!”

I managed to push the cart all around the store for a good 30 minutes, and only at the end did I start running into a little bit of trouble (which was really no big deal – my right foot points outward and catches things, and really it always has).

Got everything into the car and home and inside, no problem.

Now I slept waaaay longer than I should have – probably 9 hours, which is about 2.5 hours too long – but maybe I earned it, no? I’m awfully stiff and spazzy today, but I can live with that. That’ll clear itself out in plenty of time for lessons, and with enough water and electrolytes I ought to do well.

I’m going to try to make a point of really looking for the opportunities NOT to use my rollator or a crutch from now on – I bet I can re-teach my muscles what to do in the long run. This is really cool!

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