Ibanez Prestige 3005 5-string bass
“The FrankenFretless” – a 4 string hollowbody zebrawood-top bass put together out of parts from various companies
(Soon to be fully functional) 6-string Wishbass hollowbody archtop fretless
Fender 1962 reissue Jazz Bass, MIJ ’85
Other fun toys:

Univox “Beatle Bass” copy
Ibanez RX series 4 string (think Racer X meets Pre-Goth)
Fender Squier P-Bass with flatwounds, Badass bridge, and Quarter Pounder pickups (country bass)
Vega 4-string, mahogany body, 2 DiMarzio P-pickups and an Epiphone-style bridge
Ibanez “Lawsuit Bass” Fender Jazz copy – maple and ash

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