Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting the new digs. I hope everyone had a great holiday, and has some great ideas on what to do on New Year’s (other than being safe).

So there’s not a lot to report – playing the standard gigs down at Elway’s on the weekends and teaching M/T/W at Spotlight Music. Working on the text parts of this site – hopefully this will become a place where people are wondering what the next new thing is going to be (like Homestar Runner), but more from a bass player’s perspective. Also some goofy stuff that just SCREAMS Michael Olson the bassist with a really twisted sense of humor.

I have indeed begun Rebif therapy – it’s been not quite two months yet, which is far too early to see if anything will change/improve. But I’m acclimating to the side effects, which are similar to getting the flu and having those achy muscles. Keep yer fingers crossed and yer knees bent for me. :-)

I have a new kitten – his name is PeeWee, and if I can I’ll try to upload pics of him at some point. He’s a ragdoll breed, and he’s HUGE – already over 8 pounds and not even 6 months old. He stands a good chance of ending up over 27 lbs. by the time it’s all said and done (ragdolls keep growing for a good 3.5-4 years). My older cat, Marcel, hates me for adding to the family and will take awhile before he accepts his new little brother. Too funny – Marcel’s a coward, and PeeWee plays HARD. Strange to see the little one pushing around the older cat!

Looking out at well over a foot of snow – Christmas brought 7 inches, and two days later we got 7 more. I don’t remember the last time we got Real Snow On Christmas Day. It was pretty cool to see that, and really it was unexpected – the forecasters said we might get a flurry or two and maybe a dusting worth of accumulation, and instead we got a proper Winter Storm. Not bad, except that GF and I got stuck on the side of the road when her car broke down in the snow and wind and such. Thankfully, a friend and student of mine was ready, willing, and able to come tow us back to my place, and the repair was pretty darned reasonable – a cracked vacuum line – so in the end, no harm done save for a few extra grey hairs for our trouble.

I got creative contemplating the rare sight of snow falling on Christmas morning – laugh if you will, but I kinda like it:

“I’m not dreaming; it’s a White Christmas,

Last night brought half a foot of snow,

With the tree boughs bending, and Nature sending

Her gift to us folks down below;

You’re not dreaming; it’s a White Christmas,

Can’t help but marvel at the sight,

May your day be as joyful and bright

As this wondrous Christmas is White.

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