Well, if you’ve been waiting with baited breath for the next installment of my blog, you’re in luck (but you probably also need a mint first)…

Brief update on my life – it’s very late and I need to inspect my eyelids and make sure there aren’t any holes here soon:

-Moved into my new condo – it’s terrific, but I wonder if I’ll ever have time to set everything up and unpack every single box and get organized – too many gigs and too many students and too much recording work and too many things hovering over my head that I have to take care of and so on and so on, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

-Just got my real computer hooked up yesterday. Was using my old backup, which officially bit the bag and stepped out the door 3 days ago. Perfect timing.

-Officially divorced from wifey #2 – got the papers in the mail just a few days ago. Happy to have that behind me; still a little shocked that it didn’t work, but also shocked that I ever thought it could. Have no ill will towards her at all (and if you’re reading this, K, you’ll always be in my prayers).

-Currently dating a terrific lady from the Denver area (Oops, K – maybe you shouldn’t have found this site) – I shall tell no tales here, but we get along very well and share a boatload of common interests. She’s pretty darned cool. :-)

-I’ve completed my 2nd round of pills from the clinical trial mentioned in my last post – still have no clue if I’m on the good stuff or the phoney baloney. No major changes in my health yet – stay tuned.

-We’re in for our 6th snowstorm in 4 weeks coming this weekend – the first one was a DOOZEY, dumping well over 2 FEET of the white slop and effectively contributing to at least 5 cancelled gigs and approximately 25 lessons lost. Big chunk of change gone, and not so good of a time for it with my first mortgage payment pending. But such is life – everyone took quite a hit with these storms, so why should I be any different? You know, so many people lost money to the blizzards – where did all that money go? Who got rich off of us because Mother Nature decided to have a hissy fit? Who sits there, staring at The Weather Channel at 3:45am, going, “COME ON, STORMS! LOOSE YOUR CANNONS AND GIVE US WHATCHA GOT!”? Whose wife is getting a tennis bracelet for Arbor Day because they got rich off of us? And how do I get a gig like that?

You know what Arbor Day, is, right? It’s when all the ships come sailing into the Arbor!…

-Falling has become a major symptom and common occurrence since my last exacerbation. Usually 2-3 times a week my world goes topsy-turvy and I end up on the hardwood. Sometimes it’s the vertigo having fun at my expense; sometimes a crack in the sidewalk jumps out and grabs my toes and pulls me down. Just tonight I tripped over a manhole cover properly installed in the asphalt in the parking lot of Nissi’s (did a gig there tonight). Haven’t looked at my left knee yet, but it’s sure to be a grapefruit by morning…

-Still playing at Whitefields Community Church in Longmont with Matt and Jorie Henderson and Pastor Pete (which sounds just enough like Pistol Pete to make me smile every time I hear it). Great group of folks there – I really feel the spirit of the Lord in that cold gymnasium. It’s amazing!

-Seahawks bit the big one against the Bears. Oh well – that’s what losing most of the offensive starters for most of the season will do to a team. Just wait ’til next year! (Do I sound like a Cubbies fan?)

Okay – off to bed. Lemme know if there’s anything I left out, okay?

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