Well, so much for my pledge to keep up to date on this thing… Oh, well.

Suffice it to say that I’ll get to this stuff when I’m darned good and ready, okay? Hey, it works for most people I know…

So here I am doing the same thing I’ve been doing, pretty much. Not really a whole lot in the way of changes, save for the following:

I think I’m getting worse. It’s really hard to tell, though – I don’t have the same ‘sudden onset’ of symptoms that many of my friends with MS describe. As a matter of fact, it’s so gradual that usually I’m not the first one to notice that something is wrong. But upon reflection, I can tell that my fingers are not the same as they once were – they get tired and weak towards the end of gigs sometimes (usually when it’s been very hot that day), and that in itself causes problems. I used to have good walking days and bad walking days; now I pretty much only have bad walking days. Things feel better at the end of the day for some reason, but even that is here and there at best. So it’s time to call the research center and schedule a visit to see if I ought to be put on Rebif (and hopefully they’ll decide to pay for it!). Ugh. The idea of injecting myself is not terribly palatable…

Still teaching away; still gigging away; still recording away. That part is all very good. Finally got my WishBass delivered – a custom 6 string archtop hollowbody fretless. A bass only a mother could love – it’s pretty incredible! It’s a bit of an unfinished project in its current state, but at least the hard part is done.

Currently driving the car I bought back from my ex instead of my van. Better gas mileage, less issues with parking and A/C and whatnot, safer to leave things in the trunk. It also leads into a terrific joke:

FRIEND: Hey, is that a new car?

ME: No, it’s the car I got for my wife.

FRIEND: (looks over car) Looks like you got the better end of the deal!

(K, I know you’ll read this sooner or later – it’s a bleedin’ joke, fer cryin’ out loud…)

Looks like I get to go and visit my brother and his wife at the end of September. Gonna be me, my mom, my sister, and my niece. Never been to North Carolina, but I’ll bet it’s beautiful in the early fall. I hope the cops at DIA don’t give me a speeding ticket on my scooter!

Enjoying my new condo quite a bit. Especially like the ‘no stairs’ aspect of it. Slowly getting it tricked out to accomodate my physical issues – booster ring in the bathroom, handlebars in the shower, ramp for the scooter (graciously donated by a friend of the MS society – it’s totally retro, but it goes QUICK!). I guess as long as I don’t need handlebars for the toilet I can count myself ahead of the game; it’d be cool to have some from a motorcycle though – I could even make the engine sounds as I’m… ah, well, nevermind.

So, like I said, not much new going on. But there’s your update. Now I can rid myself of one of the many things perpetuating my guilty conscience… if only for a few days…

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