So I just got a pair of forearm crutches – you know, the kind you’d expect Tiny Tim to be using, except these are European style. No medieval-looking clamp around the forearm here; instead, a simple half-cylinder type area for my arm to rest in and allow me to have a little more control over the crutch. I can use one or two at my leisure. They’re going to take a little practice; I had been used to using a walking stick which was considerably longer and required a different wrist angle. But these could be very cool if I get used to it. At least they’ll let me stay upright easier – less bending over at the waist than the stick or the rollator gave me, and if I’m using two crutches, that means 4 points on the ground, 3 of which I can trust. Means a LOT less falling over.

Josh Blue was HILARIOUS on Tuesday! Even got to meet him after the show. Turns out J.W. had already MENTIONED me to him! I tried not to get goosebumps in front of anyone… I wonder if they showed… oh well. Josh was nice enough to give me a signed copy of his DVD. Might have to watch it this weekend after the playoff games are over.

And SPEAKING of which… the SEAHAWKS play the Packers tomorrow at 2:30 local time! I can’t wait – I smell an upset in the making! As a matter of fact, I’m stating here, for the record, that I predict that the Colts will be the only home team this weekend to win a game. At the very least, we will have one upset for sure. Just got a feeling that it’s going to be more than that, and that the Screaming Seachickens of the Northwest will be playing for the right to return to the Super Bowl next weekend. You heard it here first!

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