Hi! My name’s Michael. I’m a bass teacher here in Fort Collins, Colorado, or as we locals like to call it, God’s Country. I like teaching bass, I like talking, I like video cameras, and I like sounding important; that’s why I’m here. You, however, are sitting in front of your computer probably learning bad pop punk bass lines off of tabs and wondering if that’s all there is to playing bass; that’s why YOU’RE here. Allow me to put your mind at ease: There’s more to the world of bass than Smoke On The Water and Seven Nation Army. And there’s LOTS more to the world of bass than “tabs,” also known correctly as “tablature” – which is usually the only thing correct about it. Learning how to play any musical instrument goes way beyond just knowing where to put your fingers for one song – haven’t you ever wondered how those musicians came up with the part to play? Did it just happen by accident? No – SOMEONE had to have an idea of what they liked and what they wanted, and that concept alone is enough to get a bass player to arrive at a great bass line … EVENTUALLY. My job is to shorten that trek for you. I cover all the basics that you’d expect a teacher to cover – technique, theory, standard musical concepts, even some reading if you want help with that – but I present it in a way that’s very different from most teachers you’ll ever experience. You won’t see “tabs” anywhere in my teaching material, nor will you see notes on a staff right away – but if you follow my process and get comfortable with it, you’ll be thinking and hearing music better than you ever did before. Plus, I have a few “intangible” concepts that I throw in from time to time, to keep you making music instead of “just playing notes”.

What you’ll need in order for video lessons to work properly is the following:

– A reliable computer with a reliable internet connection

– A reliable videocam

– Functioning microphone

– Practice amp near the computer area (you’ll want a chair without arms, by the way)

– Your computer should be in a quiet area of the house free from interruption

– Printer (so I can send you files via email and have you print them out)

– A video chat service such as Skype or Google Video Chat

I’m willing to do a first-time 10-15 minute FREE lesson with you in order to ensure that your technology hasn’t become obsolete and that we can actually conduct a lesson with your equipment. After that, lessons will be in 45 minute segments and cost $30 per lesson, payable by PayPal. Contact me if you’re interested in giving this a whirl!