Dave Beegle
Dave was my bass teacher back when grunge was something you cleaned out from under your fingernails and Walter Mondale still thought he had a shot at the presidency. His mentorship has been absolutely invaluable over the last 20+ years. I’ve had the pleasure to work with him in several groups/projects, including the Dave Beegle Acoustic Band, which will blow your mind when you hear them for the first time. (Overdriven acoustic guitar? Intentionally? Cool!)

Fourth Estate
This is where Dave Beegle’s rock & roll side shines brightest – an instrumental progressive hard rock tour de force. This trio sounded like there should have been six people on stage! While I never recorded with this group, I played several live shows after the departure of the original bassist, Fred Babich, who left some mighty big shoes to fill (in more ways than one!). Easily the most challenging music I’ve ever had to play, and some of the most fun.

Mike Lopez and Co. with their own brand of metal. I got to record with the band as well as play a few shows. Nothing like playing a little headbanging music to get the blood pumping. Very challenging and stimulating stuff – total blast to play. Makes me wish I looked good in chains and motorcycle boots. (I don’t – trust me on this.)

a Melodic Daydream
Chris and LnZ have conjured one of the most original songwriting styles you’ll ever hear. LnZ’s voice is as pleasing as it is distinctive, and Chris’ guitar playing shows some real craft and artistry – you won’t hear a single “campfire chord” come out of his instrument. I’ve enjoyed being part of the backing band as well as recording parts in the studio with these two.

Jonathan Tiersten
I knew J.T. back in the days of the Mountain Tap Saloon (now Hodi’s Half Note) in Old Town Fort Collins. His heart is huge, but so is his sarcastic vein. I worked with him on a disc from about 15 years ago and did the odd gig with him as well (one band was entitled “Dirty Rice and Sticky Chicken”).

Eva Holbrook
I first met Eva when she and her sister Sarah began taking bass lessons from me back in 2004. Little did I realize what incredibly talented girls the Holbrooks had – there are four in all, and they perform with their dad Andrew in the group SHEL. Eva has since branched out on her own with a solo release focused on her first instrument – mandolin – and I had the extreme pleasure of playing on two songs on the album. I sure hope someone told Chris Thile not to look over his shoulder… and no, I’m not kidding.

J Paul Brittain
J.PAUL – Now working the Atlanta and Gnashville areas, J.Paul is the band I had the most fun working with when I lived in Davidson County. Smart Pop for the Average Joe. If there was any justice in the music business, J.Paul would be a household name by now.

Megan Isaacson
One of the many artists whom I’ve recorded the odd song for in Dave Beegle’s studio without actually meeting them until well after the fact. Great lyrics, she’s got – I once tried to fit my own mail key into my car door, so I understand where she’s coming from.

Kevin Karrick
Kevin is a fantastic guitarist; we first met while on a wedding gig where I had to teach him how to speak French in 15 seconds or less. (You’ll have to ask him about that.) I’ve played a whole lot of Wednesday night gigs with him over the last 2 years, playing straight ahead jazz with the occasional funk tune for good measure. Worth every bit of time spent seeking out.

Jennifer Lane
Jennifer and I play every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday down at [Elway’s Bar & Steakhouse] in Cherry Creek, playing rock & roll, old soul, R&B, and some good modern stuff you wouldn’t expect to hear from a piano/bass duo. PLUS she has her own screaming hot funk band, boasting anywhere from 5 to 11 players on a given night. If it is indeed the role of the bassist to make everyone else on stage look good, Jennifer sure makes my job easy. Where DID she get all of that soul, anyway?