Woke up to MINUS EIGHT DEGREES today. Last day of November, and just a few months ago it was 107°. Later this winter it could get as cold as -20°F, which gives us a temp. range of just shy of 130 degrees. Nothing like living in an area where the climate has multiple personalities…

There’s also 7″ of snow on the ground here. At least the snow goes well with the temps – but yesterday I had a near disaster at my storage unit… not thinking that I was going to be there too terribly long, I didn’t wear any gloves, and after an avalanche of freezing cold boxes that I had to restack and a nasty slip on the ice that left me pretty bruised and in pain, I made it back to the car to find that my hands weren’t moving. They had almost frozen – and this is not an exaggeration.

I spent 10 minutes thawing them out with the heater in the car, followed by 15 minutes of screaming in pain as my hands slowly came back to life. Lesson learned – I have new concerns now with my new situation, and since my hands are my life, now more than ever, I have to take EXTRA good care of them.

So today I’m off to REI or some such place to buy – no, INVEST IN a really nice pair of gloves. My hands are worth it, my CAREER is worth it. Because now, without my hands in tip top shape, it’s disability time for me, which is a rather depressing thought.

After that I’m off to Denver for the closing on MY NEW CONDO!!!!! HOORAY!!!! IT’S MINE, ALL MINE, AND NONE OF YOU CAN HAVE IT! HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, enough of that. But it’s STILL pretty cool.

Now I’m off to do all the things I said I was gonna do – thanks for dropping by!

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