…so I head off to the clinic yesterday – stopping for breakfast along the way so I can finish filling out my medication diary for them – and go through the business of getting poked and prodded (and no, that isn’t just a cute line with these guys), and we have come to the decision that I’m probably going through an exacerbation. Now, whether it qualifies as an exacerbation under THEIR definition (time frame, degree of worsening, etc.) remains to be seen – I should be getting a call from them sometime on Monday to decide what to do. I really don’t like the idea of this – it’s as if I’ve been in denial about this whole thing from the beginning, and somehow taking Rebif will validate the disease. I really don’t know what that will do to my psyche, but I find the entire situation highly annoying…

Yesterday I had a lousy drive to the gig – no less than 5 accidents between here and E470. Took 1:45 to do what should have taken 1:05. And I guess I got stressed, and bored, because I started finding bottles of water in the car to drink, and so I did. Unfortunately, my kidneys are like a sieve, and when I got out to grab my basses and head inside, I really had to go. And while rummaging around in the trunk to find cables and pedals that I needed, well….


Thankfully it wasn’t noticeable by anyone else – dark pants and all – and it wasn’t all that much, but just the fact of it…

Makes me feel like a 6 year old or something. So I was on edge the entire night. It’s really hard to shake someone’s hand and smile when you know you’d rather be home taking a hot shower.

So that was yesterday… let’s hope my weekend goes a little better. Gonna grab my stage clothes and head off to see my GF and do a whole lot of nothin’ today. It’s a good plan, methinks.

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