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January 2011



Just got a message from a friend/student who told me what a very informative blog I have. Of course, my first thought was that I really need to keep that updated… but my second thought (because this is how my mind works!) was “Why bother? Who really reads that anyway?”

This, of course was followed by my third thought, which was: “Well? Who really DOES read this anyway?

So here’s what I want for you to do: If you’re reading this, and it’s before March 2011, EMAIL ME. Go ahead and use to get ahold of me (something seems to be wrong with the pointer from this website), and tell me that you’ve read this and other blogposts of mine. Tell me how much you enjoy my writing/ranting/general tomfoolery, and be sure to massage my ego a whole bunch when you do. Who knows… I might just start doing this on more of a weekly (weakly?) basis.