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April 2007



Okay, then, I guess I have a little more responsibility keeping up to date on this than originally thought… well, here goes…

GF got me (us!) two PAIRS of tickets to the Rockies/Dodgers games today and tomorrow! Currently cancelling students and getting ready to scram out of here early afternoon so we can make the brewery tour before the game tonight. Just yesterday, however, I began thinking about all the walking that would entail, and how wobbly I’ve been of late, and started thinking about alternatives. And a rolling walker came to mind…

…They’re called “rollators.” Part walker, part bicycle hand brake, part pushcart, part mobile situpon. Very handy, a little intimidating looking, and certainly something you’d see being pushed around by a hunched-over little old lady. Got a good mental image? Good. They’re pricey little buggers, but I gave one a test drive, and I liked the idea. Called around to see if someone would rent one, and a place here in Fort Fun actually GAVE one to me to use for the week! How cool is that?

If I get one, it’ll be much more ergonomically designed than this one – it’s a dinosaur (which is why they didn’t mind me taking it, I’m sure), but fully functional, and certainly safer than the stick I had planned to use exclusively. And the way this basket hangs underneath the front bar, and the way my walking stick collapses, I can hang my stick off the front of it and use IT when it’s more convenient (bathroom, stairs, etc.).

So we get brewery/distillery tour this afternoon, game tonight, breakfast tomorrow, quick stop at same brewery for lunch, free parking at the brewery both times, and game tomorrow afternoon, after which I’ll be ready for my gig that same night. It’s like a mini vacation. Not a bad way to go. Tickets are 1st row, right field – yeah, I’m bringing my mitt. If I catch a Todd Helton blast or a Nomah Gahciapaaruh jack I can die a happy man.



Yeah, I know it’s been 2 months. I guess there’s really nothing new to report… no new changes in my health, situation, GF, life, yadda yadda yadda. Kinda hard to want to talk about yourself when you feel like people could just scroll down and get the gist of what’s going on today. So, apologies for being absent and rude, but not much has changed.

I get an MRI next month to see how closely my brain resembles swiss cheese after the course of meds they put me on. Knowing that this is a chemotherapy-based drug, I wonder if I should have been feeling some pretty weird side effects by now. Wouldn’t be surprised if I’m on the placebo anyway. BUT… I’m really not getting any WORSE, so maybe that’s the effect of the drug as well. Who knows.

Thinking of getting a rollator for the house. You’ll have to look it up – it’ll be an education for you. Might be a good training tool for my legs and let me get more exercise that way.

Avalanche missed the playoffs BY ONE STINKIN’ POINT. What makes matters worse is that the Nuggets DID make it, and could go deep with the right roll of the dice. I really didn’t want to have to listen to an extended basketball season. Alack the day!

Anyhoo, like I said… not much to tell here. When something changes and/or I need to vent (yeah – like THAT ever happens ;) ), you’ll be the first to know.