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December 2006


I’M IN! I’M IN!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!

Got the call today from Boulder – I’ve been accepted into the study! I get to take a pill 5 days out of the month to see how it reacts to the holes in my head. Pretty darned cool! Headed down on Monday morning to begin the trial. Sure hope I don’t get the placebo… but more importantly, I hope I just get better no matter WHAT pill I end up taking. Guess I won’t find out until the end of the study (or until something goes wrong and they have to put me on Interferon to bring me out of my flareup, at which point I’ll know I was on a sugarpill and I’ll be out anyway). I’ve heard that even people on the placebo tend to do very well on these clinical studies, so I’m excited! Longs Peak, here I come! :-D

The next week is going to be CRAZY. Trying to move and having to deal with 4 major shows in 4 nights is going to be daunting to say the least. Lucrative, but daunting. But I’ve got lots of friends willing to help, plus a mother who is willing to coordinate everything for me so me and my lesions don’t have to try to organize all of this. My mom is the coolest – and don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

Anyway, short blog post – so little to do and so much time!

Wait – scratch that… reverse it. Thanks. ;-)